In 1996 Jimmy Adams and Jay Floyd opened Nell’s, a boutique showroom in Los Angeles featuring a tasteful mix of classic furnishings, antiques, and accessories, accompanied by a dose of Southern Hospitality. Adams, a Hollywood set decorator and Floyd, an advertising executive, delved into opportunities to “spec” houses in the upscale neighborhoods of Los Feliz, Hancock Park, and Beverly Hills, thereby generating a buzz in the local real estate market. With Adams’ background in creating numerous TV and movie sets, he was a natural when it came to staging and designing home interiors.

By 1999, Nell’s had tripled its showroom size with clientele including celebrities, studio executives, Beverly Hills housewives, and prominent interior designers.

In 2006 when Adams and Floyd moved their family to Chattanooga, they also relocated the Nell’s showroom and Adam’s interior design business. Adams builds on his varied career with both residential and commercial projects, seamlessly blending traditional, transitional, and contemporary elements for his diverse clientele. He has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, as well as numerous lifestyle publications in Los Angeles and Chattanooga.

Today, Nell’s continues to offer a beautiful array of current home furnishings, accessories, window treatments, upholstery, and interior design consultations, along with personal customer service and an even bigger dose of Southern Hospitality.